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Activate or inactivate users
Activate or inactivate users

How to change the visibility of an employee based on employment status

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The owner, director or manager permission levels each have the capability to change the status of a user within User Management.

It's important to note that a user's status is GLOBAL:

This means that setting a user to "inactive" will apply for all locations they are assigned to.

For example, if you have a user in your organization that is assigned to two locations and they no longer work at one of them while still working at the other, you will want to keep them "active" so that they still appear in their active location. In that particular scenario, it would be best to simply delete their association with that one location.

Change a user's status

1. Select User Management from the menu.

2. Select the user edit button at the far right side of the screen for the target user.

3. Use the Status dropdown to change the user to Active or Inactive

Use filters to show inactive users

Once a user is inactive, you will still be able to access their data under My Team or edit them under User Management.  The default views are filtered to show only "active" users, however you can change that with the filter in each area:


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