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See your weekly coaching progress
See your weekly coaching progress

Use the Weekly Snapshot email to see your coaching performance at a glance

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The weekly snapshot summary provides a high level view of activity by location. The email shows locations in descending order by percentage of team check-in coverage.

How are the metrics calculated?

% of the team received feedback – The percentage of team members that received feedback during the week.  Goals, Info and Recaps are not included in this calculation.

Feedback Sent – A total count of feedback sent during the week by all managers at the location.

Days without feedback – Counts the number of days in the week where no feedback was given. Feedback is best given consistently throughout the week to make it a regular occurrence.

What do the messages mean?

Performance is not being maximized – You will see this message appear when you team is not receiving the

Why does my snapshot look different than another manager's?

Your snapshot will be customized to you in a couple of ways:

  1. You will only see locations listed that you manage.

  2. The metrics are calculated based on how many team members you manage.  For example:  If you and another manager have different permission levels for the same location, the number of individuals you oversee will differ, therefore the calculations will be based on a different number of employees.

Can I turn on/off my weekly snapshot?

Yes, by accessing "Settings" within the app, or by selecting "Notifications" in the profile menu, top right when logged in via a web browser. 

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