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Performance Coaching - The Foundation
Performance Coaching - The Foundation

The manager process for leading high-performing teams.

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70% of what employees do, or don't do, at work is based on 1 thing: manager feedback.

Upfront helps you master Performance Coaching so your employees build the right habits, execute consistently, and get the best results. Using Upfront will save you time and effort so you can lead your team to its full potential.

Your Performance Coaching Process

Set SMARTER goals – the results/numbers that need to be achieved – and enter them in Upfront.

Set CLEAR expectations – the specific actions that are required to achieve the goals.

  • Ensure that everyone knows and understands the fundamentals (what + how). 

  • Ensure everyone receives and reads important information by using Upfront for all individual and group communications (instead of email & text).

  • Ensure that everyone is properly trained according to established processes.

  • Ensure that everyone builds confidence through repetition and consistency

Observe and coach on the fundamentals every day so they become habits

  • Identify who needs coaching based on current performance.

  • Observe the individual or team in action and record your observations in Upfront. 

  • Coach on the specific actions you observed, providing real-time recognition or adjustment feedback using Upfront's behavioral conversation guides.

  • Coach on SKILL when someone is still learning or building confidence. 

  • Coach on CHOICES when someone is able to do what’s expected but they choose not to. 

  • Coach on COMMITMENT when someone continues to make poor choices, or if they violate a company policy. 

  • Have regular structured Recaps to ensure everyone knows exactly where they stand at all times. 

Use results the right way.

  • If results are good, celebrate the wins and link them to the specific actions that should be repeated. Wins build momentum.

  • If results are not good, DO NOT ask "why". Go observe to find the answer.

  • DO NOT discipline for numbers, only for actions

Your Stop-Doing List

  • STOP looking at numbers and trying to figure out what went wrong. START observing and coaching on the behaviors that lead to the results you expect.  

  • STOP offering options and advice. START reinforcing the process. Every change kills confidence and momentum. 

  • STOP reacting to a single day or data point. START looking at trends and patterns of behavior.

  • STOP shifting your focus to problem metrics. START focusing on the process.

Key points to remember:

  • Coaching is helping people make good choices, NOT telling them what to do. Talk less, listen more. Use Upfront's behavioral scripts and let them think!

  • Only positive reinforcement creates good habits and the willingness to accept corrective feedback.

  • You cannot coach on numbers. Numbers are only the scorecard for how well expectations were set and executed.

  • If it isn’t in Upfront, it didn’t happen. 

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