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Recap: Employee Meetings and 1:1s
Recap: Employee Meetings and 1:1s

Effective employee performance conversations.

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Use this tool for structured employee conversations including Recaps, reviews and evaluations. If behavior change is required, use the Coaching for CHOICES or Coaching for COMMITMENT tool.

Prepare for the conversation and use this worksheet. Make sure your mindset is positive & optimistic

  • What do I want to learn in this meeting? 

  • What do I want them to discover on their own? What questions do I need to ask?

  • What new information do I need them to know? 

ASK: “Overall, how are things going at work? What’s the most important thing for us to talk about today?”

ASK: “How would you rate your overall performance right now on a 1-10 scale?” 

   If below a 10, ASK “Why didn’t you give a higher number?”

TELL: “Based on my observations, you have made progress in <list the specific areas>.”

   Point out their strengths supported by feedback provided in Upfront. 

ASK: “What are the areas in which you feel that you need to improve?”

   Agree on their opportunity areas supported by feedback provided in Upfront. 

Finalize any completed goals. The reason(s) why goals were hit or missed should already be known based on feedback provided throughout the goal period. If not, conduct more observation.

ASK: “What goal(s) do you want to accomplish this <period>?” (can be numeric or behavioral)

   Agree on their goals – just make sure goals are SMARTER and aligned with yours. 

ASK: “What actions will you commit to so you hit your goal?”

   “I will” commitment should be aligned with goals and any areas of improvement.

ASK: “How would you rate yourself on meeting the expectations of your position on a 1-10 scale?”

If below a 10, ASK “why didn’t you give a higher number?”

Record any areas in which expectations are not being met, and the impact.

TELL: Anything new you need them to know (new products, process/policy changes, etc)

  If the employee is meeting all standards and is ready for additional responsibility, 

ASK: “What areas of growth would you like to pursue?” Set growth plan if applicable. 

ASK: “What can I do to support you?”

Key points to remember:

  • For good performers, Recaps should be done monthly. For underperformers, Recaps should be done every 1-2 weeks until performance meets expectations.

  • Employee meetings should be 75% THEM talking, 25% YOU talking. Tolerate silence – let them think

  • Ask questions. People only change when they have an insight that makes them decide to change on their own. Don’t offer advice – it’s the worst way to change someone’s behavior.

  • Recaps are NOT about trying to better understand past results – if you don’t already know, go observe. 

  • Recaps are NOT about suggesting things the employee should “try” in order to improve. They should always be directed back to established expectations. 

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