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CLEAR Expectations & SMARTER Goals
CLEAR Expectations & SMARTER Goals

Focus your team on the fundamentals.

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Use this model to make sure your people know exactly what they need to do:

CLEAR expectations are:

  • Consistent: Not subject to periodic change

  • Logical: Makes sense; aligned with core duties 

  • Exact: The specific actions required to achieve goals (what and how)

  • Accessible: Documented and easy to find

  • Reasonable: Can be met by anyone with proper training 

SMARTER goals are:

  • Specific: The desired outcome or result (numbers, etc)

  • Measurable: How we’ll know the goal has been achieved 

  • Attainable: Can be achieved by a properly trained individual or team 

  • Relevant: Directly impacts an important objective

  • Time-bound: A defined start and end point; a fixed duration

  • Exciting: Activates motivation, dedication and discretionary effort

  • Recorded: Documented and shared publicly to strengthen commitment

NOTE: Individual and team goals should be set with employees, not for them. 

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